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Father's Day: Fishing For Lessons

Grief is holding that old photograph over and over again. Over time, we notice more things about it. It develops wear and tear — but only because we treasure it so much. That’s the lens that grief gives us. We zoom in, zoom out and analyze every part of our past with our loved one…hoping that some of the memories will carry us through the present heartache.

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Grieving on Mother's Day? This Day Was Actually Started For You

So, what the heck do we do on a day that highlights the loss in our lives? To start, I want you to know that Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in the early 1900s after she lost her mother. She wanted to honor the sacrifices her mother had made for her and Mother’s Day was born. It’s interesting that Mother’s Day originated from a grieving daughter, and yet, those that have experienced the loss feel like they can’t participate on the holiday.

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